Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last Day of Winter Break!

This break went by way too fast. I spent the first week of it in severe pain, and the second week of it getting used to the new medications. My headache is finally gone, but my neck and lower back are still hurting.

I am looking forward to going back to work to see my kids, but I'm afraid of having another flare up. I've spent most of the break trying to rest up, but once I'm back at work life will be nonstop again. I spent most of November in severe pain, and missed several days of work. When I was at work, the headache was so bad, I really wasn't able to give my kids the attention they need. I really hope I'm able to get back into a routine, and am able to give my kids the quality education they deserve. I love teaching, but the last couple of months have been trying!

So tomorrow it's back to reality!