Monday, January 23, 2012

She Better Hope I Never Run Into Her in an Alley!

Last Tuesday was the beginning of the new semester for our school district.  Spencer had finished his foreign language requirement and signed up for an SAT prep class to replace his Spanish class.  His school somehow managed to screw up this simple change and he ended up in a Weights and Conditioning 2 class (he's never taken Weights and Conditioning 1 and let the coach know that this was a mistake). He let her know that he has never taken a weight class and has no idea how to lift weights. 

Now normally this wouldn't be a big deal.  All we had to do was call his counselor Wednesday morning and have her make the change for him (she wasn't there on Tuesday so he couldn't change his schedule then).   Since this was his first period class, we were told the change wouldn't go into effect until the next morning.  Still not a big deal, right? Wrong!!! This is where it gets ugly!!

Spencer comes home Wednesday night barely able to move, and is complaining that his neck hurts. I asked him why he is hurting.  He tells me that he got to his Weight and Conditioning class just as the tardy bell was ringing.  He and 2 other students got there at the same time.  The coach does not like anyone to be tardy to her class, and proceeded to have the three of them do 50 lunges with a 40 pound weight bar on their necks (remember he had told her he had never taken a weight class before).  She didn't show him the proper technique to use the weights with the lunges, and as a result he is still hurting.

I met with the assistant principal Friday and let him know that I was not happy with this situation, especially since we are a non-corporal punishment district (I made sure to wear my school shirt so he knew I worked for the district).  I also let him know that if Spencer's neck continued to hurt, I would be taking him to the doctor for x-rays.  Luckily for the assistant principal, he was in agreement with me.

I'm taking Spencer to the doctor tomorrow, and the assistant principal is going to wait for the medical report before dealing with the coach.  She better hope she didn't damage my child!!!