Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Will Not Be Afraid! (Yeah Right!)

I have never understood those people who enjoy the thrill of being scared! You know the ones, the people who love haunted houses, scary movies, jumping out of airplanes, etc...

I definitely do not fall into the category of adrenaline junkie! I hate scary movies, refuse to enter a haunted house, would never jump out of a plane, and even have a hard time getting on roller coasters. So imagine my dread when I realized my oldest son is becoming one of these people!

He has recently decided that he enjoys watching horror films. Now this hasn't been too bad because his grandma (my mom) also loves horror films (she is one of these adrenaline junkies who would probably jump out of a plane if her health permitted it). So anytime a new horror film comes out, they go see it together thus saving me from the inevitable heart attack! This arrangement has worked out wonderfully for the last year or so, until my son decided that he needed to buy these movies on DVD.

'Now normally this wouldn't be a problem because he has his own DVD player in his bedroom. The problem is, while he enjoys horror films, he does not like watching them by himself! This is where I come in! Being the good mother that I am (after much begging of course), I have become his at home horror film partner!  It's bad enough I have to watch these movies with him, but to endure the laughter that comes from him every time I jump is just a little too much! Seriously!

I just hope he doesn't decide to take up skydiving!!!! :-)