Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Like Him, I Really Like Him!

Went to see my new rheumatologist on Friday, and I left feeling very relieved.  He did all sorts of tests, asked Brian and myself many questions, and determined that it is definitely Fibromyalgia. He didn't make me feel like I was crazy or making up the pain.  He was very caring, and spent a good amount of time with us and didn't rush us through the appointment.  He changed several of my medications (plus gave me one to help me sleep), and gave me cortisone shots in both of my hips to relieve some of the pain there.  He is sending me to get a bone density test and some xrays, plus more blood-work. He did tell me that I have carpal tunnel in both of my wrists and gave me some braces to wear for that, plus he is sending me to get physical therapy to help with the pain in my arms and shoulders.   He told me that we would work together to figure out a way to manage my pain.

So as I said, I like him, I really like him!!!