Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What a Day!

 After waiting for a little over an hour, they finally come and get me for my arthogram (or so I thought). The radiology tech tells me I'm not getting an arthogram, but an injection in the hip bone that will numb the pain, then after that I'm getting an MRA. I ask what an MRA is, and she says it's to study the arteries and blood vessels. I ask her if she is sure, because I could have sworn my doctor said arthogram plus MRI. She goes to call the doctor, and whoever she talked to agreed with her. She then preps me for the doctor, who also questions the orders, and she replies that she has called the doctor's office and has verified the orders. He then proceeds to give me the shot into the hip bone (not as painful as it sounds, but not a walk in the park in either).

Next she puts me in a wheelchair and rolls me to the MRA lab. The technician looks at the orders and tells Brian and I she will be right back. We sit there waiting for about 1/2 an hour while she walks back and forth telling us she'll be right with us. Finally she sits down with us (never a good sign) and proceeds to tell us that they did the wrong procedure. They were supposed to do the (wait for it) arthogram and an MRI!!! 

Apparently the first person they talked to didn't bother to check my file, only went off what was in the computer. The second time they called, they pulled my file and realized their mistake.
The tech at the hospital was very apologetic, but said they would not be able to do the test today since I was already injected with the other medication. Now I have to go back on Saturday (they were very accommodating with the new date), and get another shot into my hip bone plus my MRI! Really looking forward to doing this again! To make matters worse, the numbing medication hasn't done a thing for the pain in my hip! :(