Sunday, June 3, 2012

Metal Clips on my Underwear?

Ended up spending another 4 hours at the hospital yesterday to have my arthrogram and hip MRI done. The arthrogram was much more painful than the injection they gave me Tuesday. Having dye injected into the hip bone without the benefit of a numbing medication was not what I was expecting.

After surviving the arthrogram, they wheeled me down to get my MRI. I had to go into the tube feet first all the way up to my neck (being claustrophobic this was not fun). I had to have my arms stretched over my head hanging onto the bar for almost 45 minutes. It was freezing in the room, so everything started hurting (dumb fibro). About 30 minutes into the procedure, the technician comes in and asks if I have metal clips on my underwear (WTF, why would I have metal clips?). After I answer no, he says okay 3 more minutes. Fifteen minutes later he finally comes back to say we are finally finished. When I asked him about the metal clips question, he said he saw an anomaly on the screen but it was probably nothing to worry about (probably is not a word I wanted to hear). He did say my doctor should have the results by tomorrow.

It was very painful to walk yesterday after they were finished.  I still hurt today, but at least I'm able to move about (though I'm moving very, very slowly)! I hope to never have to do that test again!