Monday, September 3, 2012

Now What!

I have been having some serious pain in my left ear, and finally went to the doctor thinking it was an ear infection.  Well my ears were fine, but apparently my TMJ is in serious overdrive.

I have always had popping in my right jaw when I ate, but my left side has never bothered me.  Well apparently my left side has decided to join the party.  My doctor said my jaw was all over the place and sent me to the dentist.

Since we changed insurance companies, I had to get a new dentist (which was fine, because I didn't really like my previous dentist).  Well as soon as I told him the problem, he stood behind me and barely touched both sides of my jaw and said "yep, you have severe TMJ."  So he took ex-rays, moved it around a bit, and told me whoever my orthodontist was when I was a teenager was a severe idiot! 

I have a severe overbite if I try to clench my jaw together (which I hardly ever do), and he said that was something they should have taken care of when I had my braces.  Apparently since my jaw is misaligned, that is what is causing the TMJ.  My hubby and I were in a minor car accident in July, and I told my dentist I saw it coming so I closed my eyes and waited.  Well he figures I probably also clenched my teeth (which I can't remember doing or not doing), and this is what probably caused the left side to start hurting. 

So now he's talking braces again to align my jaw, a specially molded for my face night guard to keep me from clenching while I sleep, and the usually cleaning.  I'm so far looking at about $4000.00 out of pocket unless they can convince the insurance that this is not for cosmetic reasons!  If the insurance won't approve it, my dentist is nice enough to offer a payment plan!

If it's not one thing it's another!

Gentle Hugs,