Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not Always That Easy

I regularly get email updates from WebMD.  Depending on the title, I either delete it quickly or take a few minutes to read.  I got this email today:

12 Tips for Coping with Fibromyalgia

After reading this, my first thought was "Duh!"  Then I thought to myself "I really know I should be doing these things, but it's not always that easy!"  Let me break it down:

1. De-Stress: I'm married and have 2 sons! One son is looking for a job and getting ready to start college (stressed about the cost), the other son is obsessed with learning how to do tricks on his bike (emergency room anyone?).  I'm a teacher in a state that is big on assessments (nope, no stress there)!

2. Jot it Down: We all know about Fibro Fog. I try to jot things down, but then I forget what I wanted to jot down. I guess I could carry a small notebook around all the time.

3.  Exercise Regularly: No excuse, I just hate exercise! Guess I could dust off the treadmill and quit using it as a clothes hanger!

4. Do some serious soaking: This I can do, but I have to lock all doors to keep the children out (they always need something or want to talk when I want alone time, other than that they usually ignore me).

5. Reach for Decaf:  How about half and half? I really do like my morning coffee, and it's the only time I get any caffeine at all.

6.  Take some me time every day: see #4!

7.  Make Work Life Better:  Flexible planning? Hello? Teacher!

8.  Talk about it!: I definitely do this (my poor hubby)! Thank goodness for blogging!

9.  Just say NO!: This is hard when you get guilt from the person asking.  I'm getting better at it though!

10. Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary: I like my TV and computer time! I don't know if I can give this up. Will have to sleep on it!

11. Keep a Daily Journal: Does blogging count?

12.  Join a Support Group: There are none in my city, and when I tried to start my own the only people who showed up were my family! After 4 months of this I gave up!

So, there you have it! 12 Tips for Coping! How do you do when it comes to this list?

Gentle Hugs!