Sunday, August 11, 2013

Can't Believe He's 18!

Today is my oldest son's 18th birthday! It seems like only yesterday I was walking my millionth lap around the hospital floor trying to get him to cooperate and convince him that he was ready to leave the safety of my womb and face the real world. Now he's an 18 year old man getting ready to start college.  He decided that he wanted his own tattoos for his birthday, so I took him to the place where I got mine and watched as he did his first adult thing.  It was not easy to watch.

Here are his tattos:

"Like a diamond from black dust, 
it's hard to know what can become if you give up."

His dog Willy's actual paw print! 

We had a really great day celebrating his life! We are so proud of the young man he is becoming. We love you Spencer more than words could ever say!

My Family!

My Baby and I!

Gentle Hugs,