Thursday, August 1, 2013


What did I do you ask?  I made it the whole day without having to use my oxygen tank.  I started off my day by going to the doctor for my next round of allergy shots, then I went to drop off my return to work note (which they wouldn't accept because the doctor forgot to put the day I could return to work). I then went to the doctor to get my note dated (he wasn't in so I have to go back tomorrow), went to a local Tattoo Place to see if they could pierce my son's ear (he wants an industrial piercing) but the guy wasn't there and I need his birth certificate since he won't be 18 for another 10 days, so we have an appointment tomorrow at 4:00 (now if I can just find that birth certificate).  Finally, I finished off my day by going to Target to buy some school supplies for my class and get groceries.

I used my inhaler before going to Target, and took my oxygen tank in just in case.  I took it slow, and made it through without turning on the tank once!  I'm exhausted right now, but it was a great accomplishment for me!  I have 19 more days until I officially return to work, though I do have 2 days of training this week.  I think I'm going to be able to go back to work without too many breathing problems (just the usual fibro problems).  Keeping fingers and toes crossed!

Gentle Hugs,

PS: While at the tattoo shop, I decided to get a new tattoo.  I go in on Saturday to get it. This will be my first tattoo since my fibro diagnoses. Hopefully it won't put me into full flare up mode!