Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another Fibro Rainy Day Poem!

Seriously already, enough with the rain.  We are a desert city, and we are beginning to drown!  Everything is flooding, and the people of this city have no clue how to drive on wet streets.  I'm so done with the rain!  On the bright side, I've managed to tap into my creative side and write another poem.

Another Rainy Day Pain Poem
By Bonnie N.  

Enough already,
I can hardly move!

Body is screaming,
I’ve lost my groove.

My fuzzy is brain!
Wait, that doesn't sound right,

No sleep for 3 days,
Darn those sleepless nights.

My brain is fuzzy,
That's better I think!

I'm feeling on edge,
I'm at the brink!

They say it’s almost over,
There’s relief in sight!

Hopefully soon,
No more sleepless nights!

Gentle "Dry" Hugs,