Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aw Man!

Woke up this morning to crusty eyes, and thought maybe, just maybe, my allergies were going haywire and things were backing up into my eyes.  Put in my eyedrops, used my nose spray, took my allergy meds, and went to work.  I made sure not to touch my eyes all day, and by the end of the day the pain and itchy were starting to drive me crazy.  Went to the school nurse who thought it might be allergies also, but decided I should go to the district's wellness clinic just to be on the safe side!

In case you couldn't guess from my wonderful attempt at humor by photograph, I have pink eyes.  Yes eyes as in plural, both eyes!  Can't believe my luck! Had to come home and wash my bedding and towels, wipe down everything I have touched in the last 24 hours, and call in a substitute because I can't go to work for 24 hours! Luckily I have the greatest colleagues who will make sure my sub has things to do with my students tomorrow.

So tomorrow I get to rest and relax and worry that my kids are falling behind schedule because I'm out another day! Now if I could just figure out which one of my little darlings gave me pink eyes! Hmmmmm!

Gentle Hugs,