Saturday, November 16, 2013

Easily Bored!

I'm the type of person who gets easily bored with things.  I want my hair long, no I want it short, no I want it short with red highlights, no I want it layered with blond highlights, give me bangs (that was a mistake), wait I want it one length with purple highlights (what I currently have on my head).  I have had every one of those hair styles and then some. 

The same goes with my blog.  I want it purple (my favorite color), no I want it blue, wait the rain background is cool, no let's get the cool orange and pinkish splattery abstract background.  I like to change my blog around, and get ideas from other blogs.  The problem is dealing with the font.  I used to love playing with the different fonts and going all cutesy and fancy.  Then I realized that cutesy and fancy isn't always that easy to read for someone with fibro.

Back in September I posted about the fact that my vision is getting blurry.  This is becoming a daily problem, since I spend all day reading and writing with my 5th graders.  By the time I get home, my eyes are tired and my vision is super blurry.  I find that I am constantly hitting the zoom button on my computer in order to read some blogs (please do not be offended if you have cutesy fonts, this is not my intention).  It's made me more self conscious about my own blog. 

I was bored with my blog and decided to change to fall colors.  This took some doing.  I had to make sure the colors weren't too bright, the font was easily read, and that it wouldn't hurt the eyes.  This is not as easy as it sounds.  I miss my fancy fonts, but at least it doesn't bother my eyes.  I hope everyone finds it eye appealing, if not leave me a comment on how I can make it better.  Hurry before I get bored again and change the whole thing!

Gentle Hugs,
Easily Bored Bonnie