Sunday, November 24, 2013

Feeling Better Until...

I called the orthopedist Monday to see if I could get an appointment.  After 4 weeks at the chiropractor I was starting to get new pains.  I went in with lower back pain and ended up with neck and middle back pains.  I was getting headaches every time he did an adjustment to my neck. 

My regular orthopedist couldn't fit me in until December 13th.  When I told the receptionist about my back and neck pain, she said they just added a new partner who was a spine specialist. I talked to his receptionist and was able to schedule an appointment for this coming Wednesday (thank goodness I'm on Thanksgiving break and don't have to take another day off).  She also told me to stop going to the chiropractor until they could determine if I had any other problems.

So after a week away from the chiropractor I was starting to feel better and was looking forward to a fun filled weekend until....
Yep a cold front moved into my desert city bringing rain, sleet, and temperatures in the 30s.  All week long we had weather in the 70s, and then Friday morning it got cold and windy.  By Friday afternoon it had dropped into the mid 40s.  Since yesterday it hasn't gotten above 37 degrees.  So of course everything hurts again.  Luckily by tomorrow this cold front will move out of the area, and things will warm up some. 

Hopefully things get better soon, I'm hosting Thanksgiving! My mom's entire family is coming into town (all 39 of us in my house).  Going to be a fun filled stress free week! NOT!

Gentle Hugs,