Saturday, October 25, 2014

Is it Fibro or Something to Worry About?

Have you ever been faced with a new pain that has you thinking "should I worry about it, or should I just chalk it up to the fibro?"  Well it happens all the time to me, and I am not a fan of the guessing game!

I started having sharp pains in my chest a couple of weeks ago.  Nothing major, just a sharp jab and then it would go away.  This would happen every once in awhile with no clear pattern.  Then last weekend it started happening more often.  It hurt when I would bend over, cough, sneeze, take a deep breath, and it also hurt to the touch.  So I'm thinking Fibro because of the fact that it hurt to touch it.

I finally decide I better call and make an appointment to see the doctor.  Everybody else wants me to go to the emergency room.  I try to explain how many times I've been to the ER only to be told they can't find anything wrong with me, and how it gets embarrassing after awhile.  So I opt out of the ER and wait for my appointment.  I figure it's not my heart since that has been checked out every which way possible during the whole "I can't breathe" episode last year.

So I go to the doctor, and he agrees it's not my heart.  After checking everything else, it turns out I have an infection in my lung.  The lung is slightly swollen which is pushing on the rib cage thus causing the pain when I touch my chest (that is Fibro related).  He gave me a big ole shot, and put me on a methylprednisolone dospak (21 pills in 6 days).  The pain is gone, the breathing is easier, and I can sneeze and cough without pain.  Of course you also have to deal with the side effects: can't sleep, serious dry mouth, my eyes are blurrier than usual, and my face is extra puffy!

I'm glad I didn't go to the ER, but I am glad I went to the doctor.  He said it could've turned to bronchitis if I hadn't come in when I did.

So it was partly Fibro and something to worry about! Again how do you tell the difference without spending all of your time at the doctor's or ER? Such a conundrum!

On a side note, my oldest son and I got matching tattoos! He picked them out.  It's a mom and son heart! It made me cry when he took me to get it.  He knows he's going to be moving out on his own once he gets his basics done next year and wanted me to have something to always look at and think of him (like I would need anything, because I'm going to be a mess when he moves out).  He got his on his shoulder, and I got mine above my left ankle. My new favorite tattoo!

Mom loving her son. Mine has a purple head and his has a blue head!

Gentle Hugs,