Monday, February 9, 2015

Trying to keep a flare at bay!

My oldest son informed my husband and I that he is moving out on April 1st, and going to San Francisco to live with a friend from high school and her boyfriend .  Apparently they have a house they share with 2 other people.  He is going to live there rent free until he has a job, and then he will pitch in for utilities.

I knew this day was coming, but I really hoped it would be a couple of more years.  I was a complete basket case when he told us, but I'm doing a little better right now.  Luckily work has kept my mind busy, so I haven't been dwelling on it too much.  I did end up with a major headache, and some of my trigger points are causing some problems.  I'm determined not to stress over this right now so I don't end up in a major flare, but I know come April 1st I'm going to really start stressing about him being gone.

The one good thing about this is, I now know where I'm going to for summer vacation.  I'll have to be there the week of August 11th to celebrate his 20th birthday.  My mother is really stressing about her first grandchild flying the coop.  She's determined that we will be visiting him at least every 2 months.  I guess I'll be taking long weekends off of work every 2 months to see my son. 

Why must they grow up so fast?